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Experiences in nature

Regardless of you being young, old, looking for silence and reflection or action and challenges Ilulissat won't disappoint. All activities will be adjusted to your skill level. In the close by city of Aasiaat you can participate in the yearly Midnight Sun Marathon.

Explore the backcountry of Ilulissat or the mountains of the Disko Island. Greenland Tours offer a great variety of activities.

In centuries the kayak has been the main form of transportation in Greenland.

Langrend er sjovt og rigtig god motion. Og en oplagt måde, at komme ud og nyde det smukke vinterlandskab på. I vinterperioden er der nogle gode langrendsløjper i Ilulissat. Desværre er der ingen skiudlejning, så det er en god idé at medbringe egne ski – som kan opbevares sikkert hos os.

Experience Greenland

There are some experiences you cannot miss while in Greenland. Experience the things that has shaped Greenland and the inuits for centuries.

The northern lights is one of the big surprises in the arctic night (September - April)

Experience the giants of the ocean scamper about in the surface of the water. Grab your camera and be ready.

Arctic temperatures and meters of snow is no match for the tough Greenlandic sled dogs.

Most of those who has been in Greenland once comes back for more. As the famous arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen said: "No country on earth offers the traveller such great experiences as Greenland."

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