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At Hotel Avannaa we work with a set of valueswhich aims toward creating a casual atmosphere. Not that we're not proffesional but we like to be on familiar terms with our guests.We're down to earth, listens and tries to be present in the moment and look our guests in the eye. 
We are part of the Seamen's Home hotel chain which is why all of our surplus goes to welfare among fishermen and seamen in Denmark and Greenland.

Ilulissat is world known for its unique nature. Just south of town lies the famous icefiord which in 2014 became part of UNESCO World Heritage List. You can experience it from both land, air and sea.
In the backcounty of Ilulissat lies the beautiful mountains which can be visited during summer and winter months by dog sleds, snow mobiles and your feet. In the summer months there are also great fishing opportunities in lakes and the sea, opporunities for experiencing culinary delights and much more.


For all levels

20 +




We're in touch with the most skilled tour operators of Ilulissat and if you wish we can make all the arrangements for you. That way you can just lean back, and enjoy your stay in Ilulissat without worrying for logistics.


Hotel Avannaa is situated in the outskirts of Ilulissat which makes it a peaceful place to stay. After a actionpacked day you can withdraw to your room, pull the plug and relax completely.


We love the nature. Therefore we do our best to protect it. Sustainability is a keyword for us in running our business.


One of the core ingredients for a good vacation is the feeling of quality around you. We ensure you that your stay at Avannaa will be memorable experience from A-Z.

The Journey

Let us help you with your journey







Shed your troubles. Book you room or suite and tell us what you would like to do in Ilulissat. We'll organize it from there.
We love Ilulissat and whishes for other to experience the beauty we see. Therefore you can rest assured that we will do our uttermost to make your stay unique. Your satisfaction is our goal.

A few examples

Take a look at some things to do

Experience the giants of the sea up close

Feel the presence of history by trying the dog sledge

You can find us here

Contact information

Nuussuattaap Aqq. 2,
Ilulissat 3952, Greenland

(+299) 94 40 02

You can also follow us on social media or pass by if you already in Ilulissat.

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