Hotel Avannaa

Rooms and apartment with a beautiful view of the Icefiord, Ilulissat and the surrounding nature

Our rooms and apartments

We want to create a casual atmosphere and be on familiar terms with our guests.. We are down to earth, listens and tries to present in the moment and we likes to see our guests in the eyes, 
We are part of Hotel SØMA which is why all of our surplus goes to welfare among fishermen and seamen in Denmark and Greenland.

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Become the host of the most cozy hotel in Ilulissat

Ilulissat is world known for its unique nature. Just south of town lies the famous icefiord which in 2014 became part of UNESCO World Heritage List. You can experience it from both land, air and sea.
In the backcounty of Ilulissat lies the beautiful mountains which can be visited during summer and winter months by dog sleds, snow mobiles and your feet. In the summer months there are also great fishing opportunities in lakes and the sea, opporunities for experiencing culinary delights and much more.


For all levels

20 +




We are in touch with the most skilled tour operators in Ilulissat and we'll happily help you to make your reservations.


Hotel Avannaa is situated in the outskirts of Ilulissat which makes it a peaceful place to stay. After a actionpacked day you can withdraw to your room, pull the plug and relax completely.


We love the nature. Therefore we do our best to protect it. Sustainability is a keyword for us in running our business.

Cosy domesticity.

We strive to make sure that there's always time for a cup of coffee with out guests and visitors. Welcome by!

The Journey

Let us help you with your journey







We love Ilulissat and we want others to see the beauty that we see. Therefore we hope that you chose Ilulissat as your destination in Greenland. At Hotel Avannaa you can lean back and enjoy the beautiful scenery from your room, pull the plug and recharge for the next day. We're in dialogue with the best tour operators in Ilulissat.
We can pick you up at the airport. Just remember to write us the specific time of arrival beforehand.

Part of the Hotel SØMA chain

Go on a round trip

We are part of the chain Hotel SØMA. That means that you'll enjoy the familiar atmosphere of domesticity, calm and high comfort. By staying with us you're also helping seamen in Greenland and Denmark through our work. Welcome!










Practical informations

Contact information

Nuussuattaap Aqq. 2,
Ilulissat 3952, Greenland

(+299) 94 40 02

The reception is open from 7.00 - 10.00AM. Besides that there is a phone free of use at the hotel.

If you wish transfer to and from the airport, please let us know when you make your booking. We need the specific time of arrival as early as possible.