Witness the Northern Lights

Northern lights are a daily phenomenon in the Polar Regions, especially locally in the hours around midnight. Northern lights occur on a daily basis, but cannot be seen during the summer months, because there is too much light in the sky.

At Ilulissat you can see the northern lights on clear nights from September to March.

Northern lights occur when electrically charged, high velocity particles are propelled into the earth’s magnetic field by solar winds at heights of between 90 to 500 kilometers.

This occurs at its most extreme and with the highest frequency during magnetic storms caused by volcanic-like eruptions on the sun. These eruptions occur in cycles of approx. 11 years. The most recent peak of solar activity was in the years 2001-2002.

//Source: http://www.kangia.gl/en/Fakta%20om%20Isfjorden/Midnatssol%20og%20nordlys

Northern Lights in Ilulissat

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